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About Us

Ping Welness Centre is a unisex massage, sauna and beauty service at the heart of Earls Court. See us on the map

We provide a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our centre in Earls Court offering a range of massages and beauty services as well as a free sauna . Individuals, friends, couples and families can just walk in or book sessions in advance to use our massage and beauty servives and also enjoy the free of charge sauna. So why not bring a little bit of indulgence into your life and try our services


At Ping Wellness Centre we provide free consultation to our customers to help them to get the best of our services.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the opportunity they need to reach their personal health and wellness goals by offering the finest massage services and wellness education.

Massage Therapy

The Muscular System
The Muscular System

The muscles are the most obvious part of the body to benefit from massage. Muscles are made up of fibres that slide over each other (the sliding filament theory) to contract (shorten and fatten) and pull on the bone the muscle is attached to, to create movement. Muscles can contract to 50% of their normal length and stretch to 150% of their normal length. Through over use and also through stress (due to the fight and flight response) the muscles can stay in a contracted state, causing imbalance in the body. Tight muscles will pull posture out of alignment and can constrict blood flow.

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